Keith Richards On Addiction Recovery, ‘I’ve Spent All My Life Giving Up Things’

In a new interview with the Sunday Times, the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards reflected on his addiction problems. The musician admitted that he gave up on things his entire life, and now he’s refusing to drink.

Keith Richards was a notorious drug user during the height of the band’s career. He was even charged five times on drug-related issues, including his famous arrest in Canada in 1977. When his heroin and cocaine addiction threatened his ability to make music, he quit using them. The guitarist has had countless near-death experiences due to his hedonistic lifestyle.

Richards was also a heavy drinker and smoker, apart from drug abuse. However, he announced in 2018 that he cut back on drinking after getting fed up with it. The rocker realized that it was the right time to change his lifestyle. A few months ago, the guitarist made it public that he quit smoking cigarettes after 55 years. Also, the death of the band’s drummer Charlie Watts due to complications from heart surgery, has affected the band members to look after their health.

Since he’s no longer a young rock star, Keith Richards recently talked about his current lifestyle with his bandmates, Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood. He revealed that he usually doesn’t drink any alcohol before the concerts. The guitarist said he finally managed to recover from all the addictions that followed him throughout his whole life. Richards said it took an entire life to give up things, but he is happy to handle it.

Speaking on recovering from addiction, Richards said:

“I may or may not have a stiff drink, but usually I don’t. You know, you grow out of everything. I’ve spent all my life giving up things, so that’s about it now.”

The Rolling Stones has been currently reading their 2022 tour to celebrate six decades together. They will play fourteen dates across Europe this summer. The tour will begin on June 1 in Madrid, Spain, and end on July 31 in Stockholm, Sweden.