The Korn Album Jonathan Davis Can’t Listen To Anymore


Being the pioneer of the nu metal genre and popularizing it, Korn has been continuing its music career since 1993. Its founding members include James Shaffer, Reginald Arzivu, and David Silveria, who previously played in L.A.P.D. Since their first band did not achieve the success they wanted, they teamed up with vocalist Jonathan Davis and guitarist Brian Welch to form Korn.

Jonathan Davis had experimented with different musical projects before joining the band but achieved international success after joining Korn. Davis’s aggressive vocal style, combined with the other members’ playing techniques, made Korn one of the important figures in the metal scene.

Despite having a very successful career, all band members have gone through challenging times. Even while coping with various challenging situations, the members have always tried to stay creative and produce strong albums. Korn has released 14 studio albums and 2 live albums during their career. Some of them, however, can be hard for the band members to listen to.

Which Korn Album Does Remind Jonathan Davis Of His Tough Times?


Korn’s previous studio album, ‘The Nothing,’ was released on September 13, 2019. 2019 was a challenging year for the lead singer, Jonathan. However, this wasn’t the first challenge the band had faced. For example, Brian Welch had struggled with drug addiction before which had impacted his relationship with his band members. Unfortunately, they had to confront a different challenge while producing ‘The Nothing.’

In an interview with Kerrang! that the same year, Jonathan Davis talked about their album and why this was a different one for him. While Korn was recording and producing ‘The Nothing,’ Jonathan lost both his mother and partner around the same time.

Jonathan Davis opened up about his grieving process as the death of his wife Deven and mother Holly within the same year had devastated the frontman. Besides, he also had to deal with the production of their album, soon after his painful loss. Combined with these unfortunate events, ‘The Nothing’ acquired a new meaning for the singer.

Some songs are paired with memories, with the emotions in those memories. Listening to these songs might recall and revive those emotions. That was also somewhat the case with the frontman. The singer revealed that listening to ‘The Nothing’, the making of which coincided with a very painful period of his life, hurt him and this is why he couldn’t listen to it.

He revealed how hard it was for him to perform those songs as follows:

“I can’t listen to it. Every time I listen to it I f*cking start crying. I mean, it’s difficult for me to perform the songs. It’s f*cking hard. But I do it because there are people out there who can relate.”

Although he said it was difficult for him to listen to the songs that reminded him of his feelings at that time, Jonathan added that he still sings them because, in this way, he can help others channel their feelings. He stated that the songs he sings with his bandmates always have a therapeutic nature for him and help him cope with what he has been through.

Jonathan said that the songs they made with Korn always helped him move on and healed him:

“Every Korn record is therapeutic for me. It’s like a chapter in my life. I can pull out any Korn record, listen to it, and remember what I was going through emotionally at that time. It’s my everything; it keeps me going, keeps me alive, and helps the pain.”

You can check out ‘The Nothing’ through Spotify below.