Joe Bonamassa Recalls Losing The UFO Gig To Vinnie Moore

In a fresh interview with Classic Rock, Joe Bonamassa discussed the time he almost became a UFO member and recalled losing the part to Vinnie Moore.

When asked about the matter during the conversation, the musician shared details about the audition process. Although he enjoyed the experience, Bonamassa stated his belief that Moore was better suited for UFO and that the band’s selection was beneficial for all involved.

The guitarist shared his experience by saying:

“Yeah, I auditioned for them. I went to Pete Way’s house in Columbus, Ohio, and jammed with him – may he rest in peace – and the great Jerry Shirley [from Humble Pie]. It was a fun experience. But Vinnie was far better suited for UFO. It worked out best for everybody concerned that he got the gig instead of me.”

When the band went on its way with its new guitarist, Bonamassa continued his career to become a three-time Grammy nominee by the age of mid-forties. In addition, he entered the business side of music by establishing his own record company.