The Reason Keith Richards Called Amy Winehouse ‘Disapointment’

As you know, the iconic singer Amy Winehouse tragically passed away on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning, but she definitely left an unforgettable legacy behind. It is undeniable that she had a unique talent and has changed popular music forever. When her deep and astonishing voice came together with her realistic lyrics, her songs took everyone on an epic journey.

Amy Winehouse had already been struggling with substance abuse and mental health for a while. Although she had entered rehab several times, her substance abuse continued to follow her. Her every move was a subject of significant media attention in recent years before her death. Following her passing, countless artists expressed their sadness and paid tribute to her. The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards also had a few words to say about Winehouse.

Keith Richards Said That Amy Winehouse Was ‘A Big Disappointment’ For Him

In 2008, Keith Richards gave an interview to The Mail on Sunday and talked about which modern artist had caught his attention most. Richards stated that the only musician who attracted his attention was Amy Winehouse. However, he also stressed that Winehouse needed to pull herself together, or she wouldn’t be around long. It is almost like Richards had already foreseen her fate. He said that Winehouse was brilliant and could find a way to sort her problems out.

Here is how Keith Richards talked about Amy Winehouse:

 “There’s only one person. That girl, Amy. Mind you, that girl isn’t going to be around long unless she sorts herself out pretty quick. Amy’s got to get smart. I’m not a preacher. But I’ve been there, and you have to pass it on.”

Later on, in 2015, Keith Richards joined another interview four years after Amy Winehouse’s passing. He again mentioned his favorite contemporary names in the music scene. Then, he sadly remembered Winehouse and said that she was a ‘big disappointment’ for him because he always expected her to win her battles. Richards highlighted that Amy had fantastic talent, and she had a long way to go. He also revealed that it is common to see these things in the music business, so it wasn’t a big surprise to him, although he had a lot of faith in her.

Keith Richards speaking on Amy Winehouse’s tragic death:

 “Amy Winehouse was a big disappointment because I was waiting for that girl to really bloom because she was really just starting, and I thought she was fantastic. It was such a shame. But there’s a high rate of that sort of thing in this business.”

It seems like Keith Richards was quite impressed with Winehouse’s talent, just like many listeners worldwide. He would like to see her produce more music as he thought she had immense potential. However, Richards was really disappointed with her unexpected death because Amy Winehouse was at the very beginning of her music career.