Wolf Van Halen Announces Cancelation Of Mammoth WVH Shows With Guns N’ Roses

Wolfgang Van Halen recently announced on Twitter that Mammoth WVH will not perform the upcoming two shows with Guns N’ Roses while fans have been looking forward to seeing the band live.

Like the rest of the music industry, many concerts and tours had to be delayed or canceled after the emergence of Covid-19. The restrictions made it hard and unsafe for people to gather together and have fun. However, with the development of the vaccine and the desire to go back to normal life, the concerts resumed once again.

Rock fans were looking forward to the 2020 Guns N’ Roses tour that got rescheduled to 2021 and 2022 when they thought things would be much better. Wolf Van Halen had announced at the beginning of June that Mammoth WVH will be joining Guns N’ Roses on their upcoming tour and revealed the dates on his official Instagram account. 

Not only the fans but Wolf Van Halen was also very excited for this stage experience with the legendary band. However once again, Covid-19 found a way to sadden the music fans. Wolf Van Halen recently announced on his official Twitter account that they will not be able to join Guns N’ Roses for two dates of the tour because someone in the touring crew contacted the virus. 

Here is what he stated in the tweet:

“Mammoth WVH will not be performing tonight in Missoula, MT or Monday night in Commerce City, CO out of an abundance of caution due to a member of our touring personnel testing positive for Covid-19. All band members and other crew have tested negative at this time. We apologize to those fans we won’t be seeing over the next couple of shows. Thanks to everyone for their support and we can’t wait to be back when it is 100% safe for everyone to do so.

-Mammoth WVH”

The band didn’t risk spreading the virus to their fans and took the precautions required to keep everyone safe. Even though it is a piece of saddening news and everyone looked forward to seeing more of Wolf Van Halen with Guns N’ Roses, their fans appreciated how considerate he is towards his fans.

You can see his announcement below.