When Axl Rose Filed A $20 Million Lawsuit Out Of Spite Towards Slash

Axl Rose may be one of the rock stars whose reputation as a controversial musician can compete with his overall music career. The rocker has a long history of feuds with countless other artists, physical fights with ordinary people, including fans, as well as verbal disputes with his own bandmates.

It’s fair to say that Rose doesn’t hold himself back when he is on bad terms with musicians. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the time his grudge caused him to sue Activision for a lawsuit that’s worth $20 Million just because of Slash’s face.

Slash And Axl Rose Had A Long History Of Feuds

Everybody knows that there were times the Guns N’ Roses members weren’t entirely happy with Axl Rose’s behavior within the band. The internal disputes eventually led to Slash’s departure from the band in 1996, and Duff McKagan also left the band in the following year, shortly before Matt Sorum was fired.

While personal conflicts left former bandmates on bad terms, things got heated when Slash worked with Michael Jackson multiple times after he departed from Guns N’ Roses. The guitarist appeared on ‘Give In To Me’ and the King of Pop’s last studio album, ‘Invincible,’ and performed with Jackson on live shows.

This incident sparked the feud between Axl Rose and Slash as Rose said the King of Pop was a pedophile, which was a sensitive subject for the singer. According to the band’s former manager Doug Goldstein, this feud was the initial sign that things would get much worse between then-former bandmates.

On top of this, Slash and Duff McKagan formed a supergroup named Velvet Revolver in 2002. Controversy followed this formation when Rose claimed that Slash visited his house and talked ill about his bandmates at the time. When the other bandmates got involved, the feud got uglier.

Slash Sued Activision For Featuring Slash

Back in November 2010, Axl Rose sued Activision, the publishers of the famous video game ‘Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock’ for $20 million. The rocker claimed that the company had violated an agreement with him not to include any reference to Slash or his band Velvet Revolver in the game.

According to Rose, he made an agreement with Activision in return for a license to use the song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’ However, an image of Slash was used on the front cover of ‘Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.’ Driven by his grudge and anger, the Guns N’ Roses singer sued the company.

After three years of lawsuit process, Rose’s claim was summarily dismissed when the judge ruled that the rock star’s accusations were baseless since it relied on oral promises rather than written contracts. As a result, the Guns N’ Roses singer’s accusations and the lawsuit did not meet his expectations.

The result of the lawsuit was probably for the best as Axl Rose and Slash finally buried the hatchet after a feud that lasted for 20 years. The duo made amends when the guitarist called his former bandmate to talk things through. Slash rejoined Guns N’ roses to headline at Coachella 2016 and has been performing with the band ever since.