The Time Matt Shadows Got Involved Into A Guns N’ Roses Feud

Guns N’ Roses may be one of the greatest bands in rock history with their iconic albums, including 1987’s ‘Appetite For Destruction,’ which became one of the best-selling acts in music history. However, the band also has a reputation for having one of the most feud-loving rockers of all time, Axl Rose.

While Axl Rose has a long list of rock stars with whom he had verbal fights, he also never refrained from having feuds with his own bandmates. In fact, there’s one time this verbal fight was carried to a point where Rose came for his former bandmates at the time, Duff McKagan and Slash, both of whom had become members of Velvet Revolver.

The feud got messier when the late lead singer Scott Weiland got involved and insulted Rose about his appearance and lack of musical talent. Surprisingly, Avenged Sevenfold frontman Matt Shadows commented on this messy dispute and supported the GN’R frontman. Let’s break down the details of this tangled feud to see how these rockers became enemies.

Guns N’ Roses Members Got Into A Heated Feud

It was no secret that Guns N’ Roses members were sick of Axl Rose’s behavior in the band. The internal disputes eventually led to Slash’s departure from the band in 1996, and Duff McKagan also left the band in the following year, shortly before Matt Sorum was fired.

After working with different bands for a while, the former bandmates formed a supergroup named Velvet Revolver in 2002. When Stone Temple Pilots disbanded in 2003, Scott Weiland joined the band as their lead singer until his departure was announced on April 1, 2008.

While Slash and Duff McKagan had their own bands, Axl Rose made quite the statement during a press release back in 2005. The singer claimed that Slash visited his house one morning and said he wanted to end their feud. According to Rose, Slash spoke ill of his current bandmates, calling Weiland a ‘fraud’ and describing McKagan as ‘spineless.’

It would be an underestimation to say that these statements angered Scott Weiland as he wrote an open letter to Axl Rose in which he insulted him for his appearance to his lack of musical talent. Weiland didn’t only call Rose fat, but he also said he’s the real fraud in this entire feud.

A portion of the letter follows:

“Get in the ring. Go to the gym, motherfucker, or if you prefer, get a new wig, motherfucker. I think I’ll resist the urge to ‘stoop’ to your level. Oh shit, here it comes, you fat, botox-faced, wig-wearin’ f*ck! O.K., I feel better now.

Don’t think for a second we don’t know where those words came from. Your unoriginal, uncreative little mind, the same mind that had to rely on its bandmates to write melodies and lyrics. Who’s the fraud now, b*tch?”

One thing not to do is to get involved in a fight with Axl Rose since the singer can come for pretty much everybody. However, Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows was safe when he commented on the feud as his words favored Rose; let’s take a look.

Matt Shadows Took Axl Rose’s Side

Avenged Sevenfold has a close relationship with Guns N’ Roses as the band once was the supporting act for their tour. Since M. Shadows had a personal experience with Axl Rose, he felt the need to share his own opinion about the entire situation.

While many blame Axl Rose for nearly every feud he gets into, Matt Shadows defended the singer by stating that he’s a better singer than Scott Weiland, and Guns N’ Roses is a better band than Stone Temple Pilots. With these statements, Shadows wanted to say that Weiland’s words about Rose being talentless weren’t fair.

Furthermore, the A7x frontman stressed that the GN’R frontman is a very nice and humble person, based on his experiences. In fact, M. Shadows stated that Rose is also a very respectful and generous person who takes the time to take pictures and interact with everybody.

According to Blabbermouth, Shadows said:

“I feel Axl is a better singer; Guns N’ Roses was a better band. Stone Temple Pilots wasn’t even close to that status. Axl was nothing but a nice, down-to-earth, great guy to talk to when I met him. Very respectful and generous, taking pictures with everyone and just seemed to be having a good time.”

It’s very interesting how people have opposite opinions on Axl Rose. They either praise the musician for his kindness or slam him for being the biggest troublemaker in the music industry. Apparently, the rocker either treats others very differently, or one side is completely wrong about Rose.