Sammy Hagar Names The Rapper He Almost Got In A Fistfight

Former Van Halen vocalist and guitarist Sammy Hagar recently shared a video on his Youtube channel, where he revealed the name of the rapper he almost got in a fistfight with. Hagar shared the video under the series’ Storytime with Sammy Hagar’ and shared what people have always been asking him before revealing the name:

“I’ve been around a long time, and everybody’s always asking you, ‘Hey, you know all these celebrities, you know all these rock stars and all these movie stars and all this stuff, what’s it like hanging out with those guys and how did you meet these people?’ and stuff like that.”

Then he mentioned his relationship with the rapper and recalled the time they first met:

“So, L.L. Cool J, who’s now… I don’t call him a dear friend. We don’t hang out together. But every time I see him, we get big kudos because we almost got in a fistfight the first time we met. It was at MTV Music Awards. Now, he had that song, you know, ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ or whatever… Mama gonna knock you out.”

The former frontman shared how the incident almost occurred:

“And he was in a ring, you know, with a boxing outfit. And so, you know me, I’m totally into boxing and grew up there almost was going to be a fighter. So, we were backstage, and I didn’t know any rappers. And I go up to him and say, ‘L.L. man,’ I say, ‘So, do you like to fight?’

Because I thought maybe he was into boxing, fighters. We call it fighters. They’re fighters. They’re not boxers, they’re fighters, and they fight. Oh, you see the fight last night, you know. So I say, ‘Hey do you like to fight?’ and stuff.”

Apparently, there was a misunderstanding between the two parties which almost caused the fight. He continued:

“And he backs up and says, ‘Hey, man, I do what I got to do.’ I’m going, ‘Whoa, whoa, hold on, dude, I’m not calling you out. You know, I’m not trying to get with you.’ He thought I was choosing him off, and it was like, I’m going. ‘No, no, hold on. I’m talking about boxing like your video.’ He goes, ‘Oh, yeah…’ He was real suspicious for a minute. Then he goes, ‘Oh, no, it’s cool. Hey, sorry.'”

Despite the confusion, the two were able to bond. He concluded:

“But anyway, we became, once again, it made us have a bonding friendship because of that, because we almost had a… ‘Whoa, hold on! He’s going to take a poke at me, man.’ It’s funnier than sh*t.”

More than 20 years after the two met in 1991, L.L. Cool J shared his thoughts on the guitarist Eddie Van Halen and stated that he had worked with one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived.

Van Halen is set to release a new boxed set this fall, featuring four multi-platinum studio albums newly remastered and a selection of rarities recorded from 1989 to 2004.

See the video below.