Michael Monroe Recalls Steven Stevens Disappearing To Work With Vince Neil

Hanoi Rocks icon Michael Monroe joined an interview with Mitch Lafon and shared details about an album he created with famous guitarist Steve Stevens two decades ago. Monroe highlighted that it was so hard to work with Stevens when he began playing guitar for Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil.

Along with his successful career in Hanoi Rocks, Monroe was part of other famous but short-lived side projects such as Jerusalem Slim. The singer collaborated with Stevens for Jerusalem Slim, but the band had only one self-titled studio album released in 1992 because the two musicians decided to disband it. The main reason behind the breakup was the musical disagreement between the band members, which Neil caused one of them.

During those times after he departed from Mötley Crüe in 1992, Neil started to focus on his solo career as a musician through writing and composing. The singer dropped his debut solo album entitled ‘Exposed’ on April 27, 1993, and its unique style received positive reviews from hard rock and heavy metal lovers. Neil teamed up with different musicians, such as Stevens, Vikki Foxx, Dave Marshall, and Robbie Crane.

Even though Stevens accepted to serve as guitarist on the album, he was supposed to be in the studio with Monroe to work on the Jerusalem Slim songs. However, according to the Hanoi Rocks frontman, the guitarist let him down by completely disappearing while he was doing his best to finish the album due to the record label’s pressure. Monroe worked hard to save some of his songs, but he knew it wouldn’t be as great as they had initially planned.

Monroe shared his ideas, saying:

“Vince Neil is doing a solo record. You know, a project, and who’s the guitar player? Steve Stevens is playing as the guitar player, playing his solo with some toy gun, some space gun, doing what he does. He worked great with Billy Idol when Keith Forsey was the producer, and he and Billy kept him on a short leash in a way that they got the best out of him. But this one, with Wagner as the producer, he was like walking all over me and going the other way.

If Little Steven had been allowed to produce the album, it would have been great. Then, at the end of it all, can you imagine how I felt? I didn’t even want the album out, and the record label says, ‘No, we spent $700,000 on it. Of course, it has to come out. We’ve got to make some of the money back.’ I was like, ‘God.’

So, I took out and saved some of the songs that I wanted to get off the album and do later, like ‘The Scum Lives On’ was on ‘Demolition 23.’ album later. I think that was a bonus track of some European version of Jerusalem Slim, which had Donald Trump in the names, the scum that’s going to live forever. That was the only good thing about that version. I managed to pull off a few songs, and I decided, ‘Okay, let it be a complete piece of crap, the heavy metal histrionics.'”

You can check out the interview below.