David Crosby Points Out The Worst Part Of Music Industry


CSNY founding member David Crosby recently complained about how the streaming platforms make billions but do not pay the actual creators of music well. Crosby replied to a question on Twitter and stated that musicians getting paid for their music changed for the worst compared to when he was 34.

Singer and songwriter, David Crosby has been going through hard times since the emergence of the pandemic. The 80-year-old singer had complained previously about how Covid-19 ruined his last years to be on stage because as he is getting older, he doesn’t think that he could handle more tours. Unfortunately, musicians make their living mainly from making records and touring as the new technology of streaming doesn’t really pay them.

Running low on money, Crosby came face to face with losing his house during the pandemic and had to sell his entire music catalog. Even though many artists sell the rights to their music willingly, Crosby was not one of those musicians as he did it only because he had to. He mainly blamed the streaming platforms for stealing his money and pushing him to hand in his music.

Recently, a fan asked Crosby on Twitter to reveal something that changed for the worst since he was younger. Considering everything he had been through for the past couple of years, he stated that it’s the way musicians don’t get paid for the music they have created and recorded.

Here is what the fan said:

“Hey Croz, you have about 46 years on me. What’s something that’s changed for the worse in music since you were 34?”

Here is what Crosby replied:

Getting paid for our recorded music.”

The fans agreed and supported Crosby after this tweet. They stated that music is becoming less and less an art form these days, which is very wrong. Not only the value of music but also the importance is given to the creators of the music. This was very apparent during the pandemic as the artists struggled because their live performance income was postponed, and they didn’t earn money from streaming.

You can see Crosby’s tweet below.