Ted Nugent Slams Whoopi Goldberg’s Political Stance On Her Show, ‘Soulless Idiot’

Ted Nugent shared his thoughts about The View’s Whoopi Goldberg on a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge. The rocker praised Whoopi for her acting but called out the TV host for being a ‘soulless idiot’ by saying:

“I never have; I have admired her acting ability; she was brilliant in ‘The Ghost’ and some of those other movies, but boy, she turned into a completely isolated, insulated soulless idiot. ‘Hey, Whoopi, we’d love to love you, but you’re just toxic. Your ignorance is absolutely stunning.’ I’m surprised she didn’t marry Michael Moore and walk off into the sunset with that rotund sperm whale asses of theirs into the night. ‘Whoopi, what happened to your soul, woman?”

Whoopi, known for showing support to Democrats and being highly critical of certain Republicans, especially Donald Trump, had made comments on The View last February where she said:

“I got to say, you know, I told you all this when you-know-who got elected. Remember I said it feels like we could be tipping towards the way the Taliban deals with stuff.”

When this comment was brought up during the show, and in light of the indictment against Trump, Nugent gave pointers of what the former president did for America; he added:

“Donald Trump secured the borders; it made your life better. Donald Trump reduced violent crime; it made your life better. Donald Trump created the lowest unemployment in the history of America, especially for the black community; it made your life much better, Whoopi. Donald Trump made America stronger, safer, and better every day for four years.”

You can watch Ted Nugent’s words on The Nightly Nuge below.