Sammy Hagar Reveals His Bet With Metallica

Sammy Hagar recently recalled touring with the always-relevant and famous Metallica. He remembered making a bet and wholeheartedly believing that whatever record they released next would go platinum, which he eventually won, and disclosed the only band members who paid him up on Instagram.

Van Halen and Metallica hit the road together in the late ’80s for the Monsters of Rock Stadium Tour. Even though the then-young Metallica was receiving more recognition and commerciality every day, it seemed like they didn’t believe that their next record would be popular enough to break the charts and go platinum. So, Hagar made a bet.

The frontman declared that whatever the band decided to release after the tour ended would become a hit. Metallica’s members took on the bet for $100, and the challenge was set. The rest became history when they dropped ‘Enter Sandman,’ which became a major commercial success.

The Red Rocker recently shared a photo from the tour’s press conference, and he joked that after the triumph of his bet, the only metal icons who paid him up were Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett. James Hetfield, or the then-bassist Jason Newsted, had yet to pay Sammy after three decades.

Sammy recalled betting with Metallica and his prediction coming true:

“There’s a lot of metal going on here [in the photo]. This was the press conference for the Monsters of Rock stadium tour. I must admit we had a good time that day hanging out with all these guys. Metallica hadn’t broke yet with ‘Enter Sandman,’ but they crushed it every night, put a big hurt on Dokken, who had to follow them, ouch.

I bet the members of Metallica $100 each that at the end of this tour, their next record would go platinum. So far, Lars and Kirk are the only ones that paid up. Ha ha.”

The former Van Halen singer guessed right that Metallica’s next record would be a hit when maybe even the band members doubted it. It seems like Sammy saw it right through, observed the audience well, and understood that the fans would want more of the metal icons.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram