Sammy Hagar Invites ‘His Idol’ Keith Richards To Jam Together


The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards recently posted an anniversary photo with his wife Patricia Hansen and expressed his love towards her. The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, commented on his Instagram post and invited Richards over to Cabo Wabo to jam with him.

Keith Richards tied the knot with Patricia Hansen in 1983 in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. The couple has maintained a strong relationship throughout their marriage, and recently they celebrated their anniversary and expressed their love for each other on Instagram by posting an adorable photo.

Hagar is known to be a huge fan of Richards, and it has been his dream to jam with his idol for many years. Knowing that the couple’s wedding was in Cabo, Sammy Hagar found an opportunity to invite Richards to jam with him in his club. Cabo is a very special place for Sammy as he owns a restaurant/bar named Cabo Wabo there.

He also spent most of his time during the pandemic in the coastal town and has embraced it like home. Hagar commented on Richard and Patricia’s Instagram photo and stated that the couple should celebrate their anniversary in Cabo. The Red Rocker invited Richards to a jam session at Cabo Wabo to actualize his dream of playing with his idol.

Here is Hagar’s comment:

“Brother Keith, you & Patricia should be in Cabo celebrating. Your wedding there is what turned me on to Cabo San Lucas way back when. I head down there after Christmas come on down my brother. My bucket list to jam at Cabo Wabo with my idol. Jorge is still there. And by the way, happy anniversary.”

This summer, Hagar had talked about the bands and musicians that he would love to perform with, and among those names were Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Keith Richards. He had named playing with Richards as the ultimate goal, and he would choose him if he only had to choose one person. It looks like Hagar is so determined to make his dream come true.

You can have a look at Keith Richards’ Instagram post and Sammy Hagar’s comment below.