Russell Crowe Wants You To Believe His Rock Band Is The Real Deal

Russell Crowe is back to his music career and even dropped a new album recently.

The actor sat down with Billboard just a day before his album with his band Indoor Garden Party came out. He talked about being a serious band rather than just a ‘vanity project.’ He explained:

“This is an actual band of musicians. They play together. We feel things out, we work out what works best and then we go and play them live and if another opportunity comes up, we discuss in our next rehearsal and adjust accordingly.”

Crowe Is Going On Tour For The First Time In Years

Crowe and his band are getting ready for their first U.S. tour in over 12 years this August. They have picked specific venues, including Los Angeles’ famous Whisky-A-Go-Go. Before they head to the States, they will do a European tour and will hit big festivals like England’s Glastonbury Festival from June 26 to June 30. The band will play alongside acts like SZA, Coldplay, and Dua Lipa.

No matter the size of the stage or the crowd, Crowe says that they want to ‘bring the cozy corner pub vibe’ with them.

You can hear their new album down below.