Mikkey Dee Explains Why Playing For Scorpions Is Really Hard When You Compare Them To Motörhead

Former Motörhead and current Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee opened up about the differences between both bands during an interview with The Cassius Morris Show, apparently, Scorpions’ shows are harder to perform than those of Motörhead’s.

As many of you know, Mikkey Dee first started to perform with Motörhead back on August 30, 1992, when the band performed at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. Dee was with the band from his first gig to the disbandment of Motörhead on December 29, 2015, due to the loss of the lead singer Lemmy.

After the disbandment of his previous band, Mikkey Dee started to work with Scorpions in 2016 on their 12 North American headlining dates, filling in for the former drummer James Kottak. A few months after, it was announced that Dee joined the band as a permanent member and still is to this day.

During a recent interview, Mikkey Dee opened up about the differences and similarities between Motörhead and Scorpions, and apparently, there is not much of a difference when it comes to music since both bands have been in the music industry for numerous years and had a proper schedule.

In addition to this, Dee revealed that on the contrary to the common assumptions, it is actually harder to play with Scorpions than playing with Motörhead since, with Motörhead, he would take a break once he’s too tired or needs water, however, with Scorpions, the schedule is quite certain during performances which leave Dee without a rest.

Here is what Dee said:

“People ask me, ‘What’s the difference between Motorhead and Scorpions?’ And, of course, musically – but there is not much difference really because these are guys that have been in the business forever. They have so much routine, so it’s pretty much the same as how I felt with Motorhead. We knew what we were doing, and the same thing goes for the Scorps, of course. They know more than what they’re doing, and it’s great to sit and play.

I’ve been a Scorpions fan myself since the ’70s, and when I play with them a lot of people say, ‘Oh, this is easy shit for you, are you even breaking a sweat?’I would say, ‘The show we do is harder than what I did with Motorhead,’ because with Motorhead, if I was out of breath, I could just scream at Lemmy and say, ‘Hey, have a drink, Lem. I need to tune my snare,’ or something, and we could change the set the way we wanted.”

He added:

“With Scorpions, we don’t. Every set is pretty much almost on the minute, the same length, and it’s a very, very hard set for me at certain parts of it. We open up the set fairly hard, and then we get into this thing, we do the ’70s medley, and then we do an acoustic medley, and then ‘Wind of Change’ right after that, and I’m actually freezing on stage at that point.

But right after that, I think, I play 45 minutes straight without having a sip of water because we go back to back to back, into the drum solo, into ‘Blackout,’ into ‘Big City Nights,’ there’s not even room to breathe. This set is a very, very hard set for me to play, and it demands that I am physically fit for it, and I play really, really hard. I’m hitting my drums harder, so it’s a tough set.”

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