Ronnie Radke Mocks Falling In Reverse Haters Using The Spotify Streaming Stats

Following his mocking words against the criticism directed at their music, Ronnie Radke recently shared Falling In Reverse’s Spotify Wrapped statistics on X as a response to the band’s haters.

The Spotify Wrapped results revealed that Falling In Reverse had a good year on the platform. In 2023, they received 549.9 million streams from 20.8 million listeners in 184 countries.

Did The Band ‘Fall Off?’

Falling In Reverse released two new tracks this year: one original named ‘Watch The World Burn’ and one cover of Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort.’ Despite these releases, some comments under Radke’s post suggested that the band’s streaming numbers had decreased in 2023.

Referring to this, the vocalist wrote:

“I’ll never understand some of y’all saying I fell off when I released 2 songs this year and got these numbers. Sit you’re a** down. Hahahaha!”

Radke’s Been Mocking The Haters

Radke has also recently responded to criticism from fans of other rock bands, such as Metallica and AC/DC. On X, he shared album covers of Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning,’ Nickelback’s ‘Silver Side Up,’ Architects’ ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us,’ and AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell.’

He captioned the covers, mocking those comparing Falling In Reverse to these groups:

“Your bands’ songs all sound the same; you’ve written the same song over and over. Falling In Reverse sucks anyways. Here are my favorite bands and albums of all time.”

Check out the singer’s tweets below.