Ronnie Radke Confronts A Threat From Fan Of Falling In Reverse’s Opening Band

Ronnie Radke deals with haters by posting their comments on his TikTok account and replying with a video. Recently, he did the same for a Dance Gavin Dance fan.

The Falling In Reverse singer took to the platform to respond to a user’s threat about the band’s tour. FIR is currently on tour, and Dance Gavin Dance is opening for them. The user said they would come to see DGD and leave before Radke’s band starts:

“If there is a date near me I’ll be sure to be there for DGD, and then leave lol.”

In the video Radke recently shared, he said the ticket money was going into his pocket for one reason:

“Well, take a wild guess where your money is going for your ticket then. It’s my tour. Your money is going into my pocket.”

Fans Are Upset DGD Is Touring With FIR

Three weeks ago, Radke shared another video about his band’s tour with Black Veil Brides and Dance Gavin Dance. He said there were some commenters that wanted neither BVB nor DGD to tour with Radke. After announcing news about the tour in the video, Radke addressed the comments:

“This is not why I’m making this video. I’m making this video for all the whiny little crybabies in the comments section and on Twitter [saying,] ‘Oh Dance Gavin Dance, why would you tour with someone so succesful? They’re selling out arenas, so you can make more money. We want to hold you down.’ Yeah, not me knowing them since before you guys were even born. Yeah, not me making a song with Andy Biersack called ‘Asshole,’ where he sings the chorus and he got like 20 million views with no music video.”

You can see Radke’s recent video below.


Replying to @Hellmo_Luciferrari

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