Tom Morello Shares The Second To Last Time He Played With Chris Cornell


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello posted a tweet and recalled one of his last shows with the late Soundgarden and Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell. Morello detailed their performance and described it as the ‘second to last time’ that he performed with his longtime and close friends.

Tom Morello and Chris Cornell collaborated for their famous supergroup Audioslave founded in Glendale, California, in 2001, along with the other Rage Against The Machine members, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk. Initially, many assumed that Audislave’s works would combine RATM and Soundgarden’s styles, but they created their own unique works that surprised both their fans and music critics back then.

The band released three studio albums, ‘Audioslave,’ ‘Out of Exile,’ and ‘Revelations’ until Chris Cornell announced that he would leave the band, which led to Audioslave’s disbandment in 2007. However, Morello and Cornell always remained close friends and spent a lot of time together. After almost 12 years, the band reunited for a special show to protest former President Donald Trump, and then Cornell gave the news about the band, saying that they were thinking about performing new shows.

However, unfortunately, Cornell committed suicide by hanging on May 18, 2017, after struggling with severe depression for a long time. His early and unexpected death devastated his family, friends, and bandmates, and as one of them, Morello never forgot his friend and has paid tribute to him at every chance. The guitarist recently shared footage from one of their final shows in 2016 on his Twitter account. They had taken the stage to play Woody Guthrie’s famous folk song ‘This Land Is Your Land’ at a benefit show to raise the minimum wage.

Morello’s tweet read:

“Incredible lost footage of Chris Cornell and I blowing the roof off a small club in Seattle (the former Off-Ramp, aka ‘grunge ground zero’) with a little Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’ at a benefit show to raise the minimum wage in 2016.”

He added:

“Second to last time I played with my friend.

You can check out the tweet below.