Dave Mustaine Stuns Metallica Fans With His James Hetfield Message

In a recent Instagram post, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine playfully made a peace offering by celebrating Metallica frontman James Hetfield’s 60th birthday. Mustaine wrote:

“I’d like to wish James Hetfield a 60th Birthday! …oops! Happy Birthday”

Since this was the first time the former Metallica guitarist posted about the singer on his social media platform fans were quick to comment below Dave’s post. Someone wrote:

“It’s entertaining to see how many people living outside the circle think there is still a problem. This ended years ago and everybody is friendly.”

While another fan said:


However, for fans that have been keeping up with Dave’s interviews the Megadeth frontman has recently chatted with Guitar World about Metallica’s latest album ’72 Seasons’ and how he wouldn’t mind going on tour with his former band. When asked whether he gave the new album a listen the guitarist replied:

“No, I have not heard Metallica’s latest record. But there was a time around 20 years ago when we were not being friendly toward each other when I couldn’t listen to their music when it came on the radio. But none of that bothers me anymore.”

Mustaine had shared the stage with Metallica for the first time in years at the Big 4 shows in 2010. Although it never came to fruition, there were rumors that the former band mates would consider working together. So Dave explained:

“Tt’s not why I haven’t heard the record, especially after the Big 4 thing that we did. I really think we should do that again.”

You can see Dave Mustaine’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram