Roger Waters Shares An Open Letter To Give ‘Peace A Chance’

Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters posted a statement to answer Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska’s remarks about the musician.

Waters had previously released an open letter regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia on September 4, 2022, via Facebook. As the musician called both sides to make a peace settlement, he criticized and accused Ukraine of being fueled by the West. He also addressed Olena Zelenska’s prior statement that Ukraine receives a lot of support, ‘the crisis will be over.’

Waters addressed:

“‘If support for Ukraine is strong, the crisis will be shorter.’ Hmmm? I guess that might depend on what Olena Zelenska means by ‘support for Ukraine?’ If by ‘support for Ukraine’ you mean the West continuing to supply arms to the Kiev government’s armies, I fear you may be tragically mistaken.”

In answer to this, first lady Zelenska responded to Waters’ claims through her official Twitter account. The first lady of Ukraine said it was Russia who invaded Ukraine and said the peace depended on Russia’s collaboration. Zelenska asked Waters to direct his questions and criticism to Vladimir Putin as he would be able to provide a ceasefire between the two countries.

Olena Zelenska tweeted:

“It is Russia which invaded Ukraine, destroys cities, and kills civilians. Ukrainians defend their land and their children’s future. If we give up — we will not exist tomorrow. If Russia gives up — war will be over. Roger Waters, you’d better ask RF’s President for peace. Not Ukraine.”

To answer Olena Zelenska, Roger Waters shared another open letter and addressed her statement. He expressed that he was on a North American tour and that he was flattered that the first lady had responded to him. Then, the musician mentioned their shared interest in architecture as both Waters and Zelenska were previously architects. Roger explained that their interest in building new things might as well be used to establish the peace in Ukraine.

The musician wrote:

“Dear Mrs. Zelenska, Please excuse my tardy reply to your Twitter response to my open letter. I am in the middle of a North American tour. I confess I never dreamed you would respond personally. I am bowled over, so thank you… I feel I’m getting to know you a little, I see that you, like me, trained as an architect, so maybe we have a common interest in building things. That is good because we all need to focus on building something now, and obviously that something is peace in your country.”

As Waters headlined his letter with John Lennon’s famous statement to give peace a chance, he said that even though both he and the first lady Zelenska tried to promote peace between the two countries through ‘the desperately unhelpful fog of partisan propaganda,’ Ukrainian and Russian lives are still being lost.

Roger stated:

“Though you and I, Mrs. Zelenska, are still trying to communicate to promote peace, albeit through the desperately unhelpful fog of partisan propaganda, every day more Ukrainian and Russian lives are tragically lost.”

You can have a look at Olena Zelenska’s and Roger Water’s tweets below.