Waterparks Release New Album ‘Intellectual Property’

Waterparks, the dynamic pop-punk trio, is back with a new album, ‘Intellectual Property,’ marking their first release in two years. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new material from the band since their last album, and tonight, the wait was finally over as they took to Instagram to inform their fans before the album came out.

Formed in Houston, Texas, in 2011, Waterparks consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Awsten Knight, guitarist Geoff Wigington, and drummer Otto Wood. Over the years, the band has garnered a dedicated following with its energetic live performances and distinctive fusion of pop-punk, rock, and electronic elements. With albums such as ‘Double Dare,’ ‘Entertainment,’ and ‘Fandom’ under their belt, Waterparks has solidified its place in the modern music scene.

The band’s latest work promises to deliver their signature sound, complete with catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics, which they had given a snippet with their single ‘St*rf*cker.’ In their recent Instagram post, just before the album dropped, the band opened up about their new material and how best to listen to it from the top to the bottom to have the best experience.

Waterparks’ Instagram post about the new album just before the drop read:

“Tonight’s the night. First Waterparks album in 2 years. You know the deal. You never get a first listen back. Listen with the lights off unless you have some wild lighting you love. No Twitter or social media, just for a little. Just be in it. Follow along with lyrics if you want to too. I’m so happy it’s finally time. Thanks for being here. ‘Intellectual Property’ out tonight.”

As Waterparks’ ‘Intellectual Property’ hits the airwaves, fans worldwide will undoubtedly tune in to celebrate the band’s latest musical endeavor. This release not only showcases the group’s growth and evolution but also serves as a testament to their unwavering passion for music. With the lights off and lyrics in hand, the Waterparks community will come together to celebrate this highly anticipated album.

Photo Credit: Waterparks – Instragram