Jim Root Names The Slipknot Song Inspired By Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’


Kerrang! recently interviewed Slipknot guitarist Jim Root who gave exclusive details about the band’s latest album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind.’ Also, he unveiled the song for which Slipknot was inspired from one of the songs in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’

Slipknot released its latest sixth studio album entitled ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ on August 9, 2019. The album got very positive reviews from fans and music critics and was characterized as Slipknot’s best album. It also reached No. 1 on both the US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart.

During his interview, Jim Root opened up about the composing and recording process of ‘Unsainted’ by saying that the band’s percussionist Shawn Crahan wanted to use a children’s choir in the song like Pink Floyd’s iconic song ‘Another Brick in the Wall.’ However, they changed their minds and decided to use a regular choir while recording.

In addition, Root stated that ‘Unsainted’ became one of the album’s best songs by using a choir and a melody line from the guitar line. So, Slipknot was inspired by Pink Floyd while adding a choir to ‘Unsainted.’ He proudly added that the song was compared to the Rolling Stones’s ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ even though he found it a very exaggerated comparison.

Root shared details about the song, saying:

“Before we even started writing this record, Clown had been like, ​‘I want to get a choir.’ He was thinking in terms of a children’s choir, like a Pink Floyd – ‘The Wall’ kind of thing, but we ended up getting a regular choir, and they took a version of the melody line from the original guitar line that started the demo song, which is a variation of the chorus riff. The choir did what they did, and to me, it turned out to be pretty epic. I heard someone compare it to ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ by The Rolling Stones, and I think that’s a pretty ambitious comparison, but I’ll certainly take it.”

You can listen to the songs below.