Rush’s Geddy Lee Shares The Feeling Of Having Holocaust Survivor Parents

Rush frontman and primary songwriter of the band, Geddy Lee, was the latest guest of Dave Grohl and his mother Virginia Hanlon’s ‘From Cradle to Stage’ show alongside his mother Mary Weinrib this week, and the couple talked about being Holocaust survivors.

The iconic musician Geddy Lee was born in North York, Canada in 1953 who has been in the rock music scene since he was 15 years old. He is the son of Manya Rubenstein and Morris Weinrib who were born in Poland and survivors of The Holocaust during which almost %99 of Jews in Poland were killed in German-occupied Poland.

In the conversation they had for the season finale of Dave Grohl and his beloved mother Virginia Hanlon’s ‘From Cradle To Stage,’ Geddy was asked whether he knew that his parents were Holocaust survivors. According to Lee, almost none of the survivors talk about that unfortunate days, however, he always knew the fact that both his mother and father’s history with the tragedy.

In the same interview, Geddy’s mother Mary Weinrib talked about the earlier days of her son’s career. After being asked whether she thought Lee would be that famous, she replied by saying, ‘Are you kidding? Never!’

Here is what Geddy Lee told:

“From a very early age, I knew that my parents were Holocaust survivors. In fact, I knew that almost all my family were Holocaust survivors. Most survivors don’t discuss it, but I felt lucky in a way because it wasn’t a mystery in my house.”

And here is Dave Grohl’s thoughts on why the mother and son relationship is important for the musicians:

“I believe that the relationship between a musician and their mother is so important because it’s the foundation of their understanding of love, which is surely every artist’s greatest muse.”

You can watch the teaser of the show below.