Roger Waters On A New Year With Pandemic: ‘I’m Beginning To Feel Stir-Crazy’

Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters reflected on living with the coronavirus pandemic and its new variants during a recent appearance on Peoples Dispatch. Apparently, the musician has started to feel the restrictions messing with his head as he admitted that he has been feeling slightly ‘stir-crazy.’

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Roger Waters has been mainly focusing on his political activism, for which he gave multiple interviews, attended protests, even worte songs. During the pandemic, Waters has also contributed to several projects related to Pink Floyd, including the release of an artbook. 

However, during the two years stained by the pandemic, Waters didn’t only concentrate on his activism, business, and music career, as the rocker found happiness with Kamilah Chavis. In fact, the couple got married in October 2021 with a dinner party, surrounded by their close friends.

From afar, it seemed like Roger Waters has been handling the situation pretty ‘normally’ even though the world is still fighting against the COVID-19. While the musician has been traveling worldwide to join events related to his activism, he recently admitted that he missed one.

During a recent interview, Waters was asked about the coronavirus’s new variant and how this entire situation makes him feel. The rocker stated that he’s currently in a weird mental state as he’s beginning to feel a little bit crazy. Furthermore, he doesn’t feel safe traveling anymore, so he missed an assembly he normally wouldn’t skip.

In addition to opening up about his concerns, Roger Waters also revealed his new year’s resolution. According to the musician, his resolution is pretty much the same every year, and will be until he dies. It’s to do the best he can every single day since every moment of his day can be a watershed.

When asked about his feelings towards 2021 and 2022, Waters said:

“How am I feeling? Well, I’m in a very weird state, I have to say. I’m just beginning to feel the first little bits of stir-crazy. I’m just beginning to feel like an imposition that I feel I can’t travel anywhere. Going into New York for Julian’s vigil outside MSNBC today, which I thought seriously about.

I know it’s the open air, and well, and hats off to Randy Credico, who’s there with a bunch of other people outside MSNBC. I suspect that when the sun goes down a bit later this afternoon, I will go out into my garden on my own and bundle up, and take a glass of wine, have my own casseroles for Julian.

So, how am I feeling? Kind of weird. You know, my new year’s resolution last year was, and I wrote this down somewhere, it was to go on and do the best I can. That’s it; it’ll be the same for 22, and probably for as many years as I’ve got left. I’ll probably just do that because it feels like every moment of every day is a watershed, and you either go on doing the best you can, or you give up.”

You can watch the entire interview below.