Robert Plant Bids Farewell To Low’s Mimi Parker

The passing of influential musicians has always affected the remaining artists within the music industry, and the latest heartbreaking news came from Low. Mimi Parker passed away last weekend after years of battle with cancer. The tributes have been pouring in since her husband and bandmate, Alan Sparhawk, shared this tragic news. Robert Plant also presented his homage to Parker during his recent concert with an emotional speech and by dedicating the performance to the duo.

“We’ve been together for a while now, in between all the other stuff,” said the rocker. “And we’ve been drawn to the music of the great duo Low, from Duluth, Minnesota, and sadly tonight, we know that, unfortunately, we’ve lost one of those two people. So we give our songs tonight to Mimi and Alan.”

After his speech, he and his stage mate Suzi Dian sang ‘Monkey’ to honor Low and Mimi Parker. This song from Low’s 2005 release has been a staple in the duo’s performances this year and was also part of Plant’s ‘Band Of Joy’ setlist. They also sang ‘Everybody’s Song’ from the same album, ‘The Great Destroyer.’ It is known that Robert Plant has enjoyed the ‘Great Destroyer’ ever since he bumped into it while searching for material to try something new and was deeply affected when he listened to it.

This concert was part of Robert Plant and Suzi Dian’s joint project, the Saving Grace tour. They came together under this name in 2019 and have mainly performed for small audiences. Plant also said he wanted to visit every corner of the musical spectrum with Saving Grace, and Low had become one of his favorite acts since he described the first time he heard them as one of the greatest sonic experiences. Saving Grace continues to perform, and there have a couple of upcoming shows in the UK.