Bruce Springsteen On The Difficulty Of Reuniting E Street Band

Bruce Springsteen has been rocking the stage with his E Street Band for over five decades. The band members have also contributed to most of the singer’s studio albums. However, reuniting with E Street Band to record a new record seems difficult, for the moment at least, as Springsteen revealed during a recent conversation with Rolling Stone.

“Getting the E Street Band together is a bit of a project right now,” the rocker said about the possibility of recording new material with the band anytime soon. He noted, “We did it for ‘Letter to You,’ but that was four days. Everybody has lives. They act, they produce, they tour on their own.”

So, Bruce explained that it seems unlikely to get the band together at this point as it would be pretty hard to fit everyone’s schedule. The singer indeed has a point, considering that it features more members than a usual band. Bruce added, “They have schedules. It’s possible, but it’s not quite as easy.”

“Also, I don’t like to gather the band today, unlike 30 years ago, if I don’t know what I’m doing. I need to figure that out first,” shared Bruce Springsteen, implying that he just needs to be sure of what he actually wants to do before getting the E Street band together.

Springsteen’s latest record with the full band, ‘Letter to You,’ arrived in October 2020. While the singer recently released his new cover album ‘Only the Strong Survive’ on November 11, his E Street band’s contribution was limited this time. He decided to include only the E Street Horns and backing vocalist Soozie Tyrell. Judging from what Bruce said in the interview, a new project with the entire staff seems possible but still difficult in the near future.