Robert Fripp Addresses King Crimson’s Financial Struggles

King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp recently joined an interview with Rolling Stone and revealed the band’s financial difficulties in their latest tour.

When King Crimson was formed in 1968, it took many audiences’ attention with its style, including various genres in its sound. The band impressed the fans by creating distinctive songs consisting of heavy metal, classical music, jazz, and electronic music. They greatly impacted the progressive rock movement, especially in the ’70s. The group hugely influenced upcoming musicians along with bands like Yes and Genesis.

The group initially gained considerable commercial success with the debut album entitled ‘In the Court of the Crimson King,’ released in 1969. The music critics considered this record one of the most influential in the progressive rock genre, combining it with jazz, classical, and symphonic sounds. It became number five on the UK Albums chart and received many positive reviews.

Although many hiatuses happened throughout the band’s career, they continued to create successful works after the debut album. The records such as ‘In the Wake of Poseidon,’ ‘Discipline,’ and ‘THRAK’ earned them achievements. After their hiatus between 2009 and 2012, they reunited again in 2013. Following the reunion, the band decided to replay its previous records. Later, they toured North America for a month and released the 2015 album ‘Live at the Orpheum.’

In 2021, the group hit the road for a North American tour and continued with a tour in Japan. Tony Levin mentioned this tour, saying it would possibly be the band’s last one. The other group members also spoke in a way that confirmed it. In addition, the band faced difficulties during that period as they toured when the global pandemic was widespread.

Recently, Robert Fripp opened up about their financial struggles during their last tour in 2021. As Fripp revealed, they passed many health checks due to the pandemic while touring from the United States to Europe. However, the regulations were insufficient in Florida and Texas, which caused the cancelation of the shows. Fripp stated they could have faced bankruptcy due to possible COVID-19 cases, which could have pushed cancellations during the tour.

Robert Fripp said about the insufficient regulations for the pandemic:

“No one gave a hoot! At the time, 40 percent of the new outbreaks were in those two states. If we had lost dates because of Covid, the King Crimson partnership would have been bankrupted. It was that much on edge.”

Like other artists, King Crimson faced challenges from the global pandemic. Robert Fripp explained that they could have bankrupted because of the insufficient regulations on their last tour. They were on the edge of financial difficulties during this US tour but managed to complete it without losing all their finances.