Robert DeLeo Recalls Chester Bennington’s Excitement To Be In Stone Temple Pilots

Chester Bennington lives on with his music, and while recently chatting with Eddie Trunk, Robert DeLeo celebrated the late frontman by remembering his time with Stone Temple Pilots. The bassist reflected on how Bennington had quickly fit into the band and how much he missed him.

When Scott Weiland stepped back from fronting Stone Temple Pilots in 2013, Chester was there to save the day and join the band as the new lead singer. Bennington’s harmony with the act made it easy for the late musician to fit into the band, as DeLeo recalled the musician’s excitement to perform with STP.

“It was great,” told DeLeo as he answered what it was like to work with Bennington. “And he was always in a great mood. He was always laughing; he just had a great energy about him. He really, really enjoyed being there, making music with three other guys and getting in a room, and playing.”

He continued by addressing how Bennington had a different environment and energy while with Stone Temple Pilots. Robert disclosed, “It was something he never did with Linkin Park, and I think he was really excited about being in a different environment where he was actually sitting in with three other guys.”

The bassist recalled the late musician’s eagerness as he further mentioned, “We would go on a tour, and we would just get together in my basement, and it all flooded back to when we were younger, little kids when we’re in the basement. And there was an energy there that was exciting. And I think he really picked up on that. We always had a great time, always made each other laugh. I really miss him.”

It seems like Bennington had fit into the Stone Temple Pilots quickly, and it was pretty natural for him to perform alongside the band. DeLeo pointed out that Chester was always happy to be with them and shared his positivity with the rest of his bandmates, even though his time with the band was a bit short.