Rich Robinson Recalls The Terrifying Moment With Bob Dylan

The Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson joined an interview with Alabama Life & Culture and remembered an unforgettable memory with the legendary musician Bob Dylan. Robinson unveiled that Dylan’s surprise visit made him feel very different while working on a record.

The Black Crowes dropped their sixth studio album entitled ‘Lions’ on May 7, 2001, and along with his duties as a guitarist, Robinson became the bassist with Don Was’ contributions. The main reason behind this change was Greg Rzab decided to leave the band, but the band got critical acclaim thanks to their performances. However, the creation process was way more adventurous than what happened after it was released.

While creating and recording it, they rented a place in New York, and their producer Don Was joined them. However, that place was attractive to many famous musicians such as D’Angelo, Alicia Keys, and various bands. One of the other guests was Bob Dylan, and he started watching them while Robinson was recording a track from the album ‘Miracle To Me.’ Dylan was looking at him, which made him very excited and nervous at the same time.

Robinson revealed that he hoped not to make any mistakes while an icon like Dylan as the person that the guitarist, spent a lot of time on tours and other events. After he finished playing ‘Miracle To Me,’ the musician came to share his ideas about the song with Robinson. Dylan put his hand on the guitarist’s shoulder and stated that Rich was playing great, and he liked the song a lot. Robinson highlighted that he could have stopped creating songs after hearing such a compliment from Dylan himself.

In Robinson’s words, he said:

“We’ve been in there when D’Angelo was in there. Alicia Keys was in there one time. There are always bands in there, but this time Bob was in there, and he was right next to us, and he knows Don because Don had produced a couple of his records. So while I was in there, I was recording a song called ‘Miracle To Me,’ and I was doing the basic acoustic track. As I’m recording, Bob walks into our room, and he’s, you know, standing next to Don, and he’s looking at me.

I’m like, you know, typical, ‘Oh shit, Bob’s looking at me. I hope I don’t f—k up,’ whatever. I played the song, and as it was ending, he just quietly walked out. He stayed for a little bit and was talking to Don. So I got up after, and I think I was going to the bathroom, and as I walked, I felt this hand on my shoulder, and it was Bob. I turned around, and he said, ‘Hey, Rich, I just wanted to tell you that song you were playing in there was beautiful.’

I didn’t even know what to say, you know. I don’t even know what I said in response. It was like, ‘I don’t need to do this ever again. I don’t even have to make another record.’ It was something so genuinely kind and profound for me for him to say that. I was just blown away by it.”

You can listen to the song below.