Amy Lee Shares How The New Album Helped Evanescence Heal From The Tragic Losses They Faced

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee explained in an interview on the YouTube channel 955KLOS how their new album helped her and the band members to heal from the losses of their loved ones.

As you may recall, Amy Lee had opened up about the tragic losses she’s experienced during an interview with Dr.Mike. She had mentioned her first loss when she was 6 years old and lost her 3-year-old sister. Later, the frontwoman experienced the passing of her brother in 2018, and in her recent interview, she argued that music helped her through it all.

Lee is not the only one who experienced the death of a family member in the band, as Tim McCord also lost his daughter-in-law. Lee opened up about how their new album ‘The Bitter Truth‘ helped not only her but also the other band members heal from these unfortunate events.

She mentioned that this music was not only for them to heal but also for their fans to relate after the losses that numerous individuals sadly experienced due to the pandemic. She believes that the pandemic created a broken world and therefore with the ‘Bitter Truth,’ they managed to put something nice in a broken world.

Here is what she said about their new album:

I lost my brother in 2018 and it’s not my first experience with loss but it just rocked my family’s world. It puts your mind in another place and it changes your perspective and for me, it was kind of the beginning of this chapter where I was asking myself again ‘Well who am I?’ you know…

Now because when you lose something that’s such a huge part of yourself when something changes that’s a huge part of yourself you end up asking those questions, or at least I do. The beautiful thing is that it’s led me to music again and we were there already. We were playing music we were touring that year and we have had other losses in our band family as well. Tim lost his daughter-in-law.”

She went on to say:

“It’s interesting this music for me like when I first started making it was you know it’s self-expression it’s fun, it’s cool to be in a band but it was deeper than that. It’s always been a place for me to really pour out things that are just hard to say in real life or so. There’s something about it that feels really cathartic and beautiful and healing and the even more beautiful part is when you see all these other people out there in the world that use the music in the same way in their own lives and in their own you know the process of healing or grieving or whatever it is.

A lot of it for us a lot of like kind of the motto of the whole thing is like not to be afraid of the pain not to numb it out but to go ahead and feel those feelings and to let yourself in the music have a place to feel free to be your whole self and our whole selves sometimes are broken.

So a lot of this album it just became and then cover hit and we just felt like we were in tune with a big feeling going around in the world about people having to really look at life and feel lost and want to come together and want to be together and we had to be a part. It made the album have so much meaning and purpose for us. It was like we were on a mission not just to help ourselves but to put something good into a broken world.”

Sharing their grief by putting it all out there in the world, Lee hopes to give people a sense of relatability. Their new album helped them and also gave them a reason to put something good for others to see.

You can watch the full interview below.