Evanescence’s Amy Lee Says Music Was Her Salvation While Coping With The Tragedies She Experienced

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee recently gave an interview to Dr. Mike for Hardcore Humanism, during which she opened up about the tragic losses that she has endured during her life while drawing on how music helped her channel the feelings of fear and loneliness to create something that connects her with millions of people.

There is no doubt that Amy Lee is one of the most appreciated vocalists in the metal scene and although she’s known for her fierce stage persona and bold lyrics, as a person she’s praised for her kindness and humbleness. Amy is a survivor herself and she has suffered some terrible losses, including her sister and brother’s passing.

When she was only 6 years old, Amy Lee lost her 3-year-old sister due to an unidentified illness. During the interview, she said that what hurt her the most was seeing that the world kept going on ‘like nothing ever went wrong.’ She went on to say that as a kid she would feel weird on beautiful and sunny days because she’d want it to be raining when Amy was grieving her sister.

In 2018, Lee lost her brother who had been suffering from epilepsy and this passing left another permanent scar in the musician’s life. In her recent interview, Lee said that the reason why she fell in love with music in the first place was that it gave her a way to process her ‘biggest wounds and biggest challenges.’

Writing music helped Amy Lee both understand what she’s experiencing and create a piece of art that will help many others channel their feelings. She said that the biggest gift of creating music is to see that your experiences speak to others on a level that helps them ‘not feel alone in that moment’ of sadness and desperation.

This is how Amy Lee described her experiences during her recent interview:

“To me, going through that, surviving that, being able to continue on and find a way to make your life make sense afterward, that’s really what I’m talking about. It’s not that I like spooky things and darkness because it’s fun to play with danger. It’s that the time that I feel the most afraid or alone or whatever in my life is when it’s like it didn’t happen. It’s like the world just went on living like nothing ever went wrong.”

She went on to say:

“I remember sometimes feeling really weird on beautiful, sunny days when I was a kid because I felt like it should always be raining when I was grieving my sister. It’s kind of the same thing, to be able to talk about it, to be able to admit it and face it and say ‘Okay, it hurts this much and I’m thinking about this stuff.’ To be able to spill my guts is the thing that makes it better. Especially being able to share it with other people.

That’s why music started for me in the first place. Processing the biggest wounds and the biggest challenges that I’ve been through in my life and in my heart, being able to make that into music that I love and then, in turn, the even greater gift is to see people love that music and have it speak to them on a level that they feel it’s doing something good for them to not feel alone in that moment.”

It is quite clear that Amy Lee has been through some traumatizing and challenging times, but finding the courage to not only process these difficult incidents but also create something that helps others, is worthy of praise. If you want to have a look at Evanescence’s latest record ‘The Bitter Truth’ which was inspired by the difficult times the band members have been through, you can check it out below.

You can have a listen to ‘The Bitter Truth’ through Spotify below.