Evanescence Members Talk About ‘The Amazing Experience’ Filming Their Latest Music Video

Evanescence members shared their feelings and experiences while shooting the clip of ‘Better Without You’ which was the fifth single of the band’s latest album ‘The Bitter Truth’ from their Instagram account.

The title of their new album ‘The Bitter Truth’ was announced on April 17, 2020. Shortly after, the first single ‘Wasted on You’ was released on April 24, the second one ‘The Game is Over’ on July 1, and the third one ‘Use My Voice’ on August 14 featuring Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen, and Sharon den Adel.

Before the release of the whole album on March 26, 2021, Evanescence shared the fifth single ‘Better Without You’ on March 5, 2021. They also made a music video for the song. The band stated that shooting the clip was a great experience especially under the heavy conditions of the global pandemic. Also, they were very grateful to Eric D. Howell, Bo Hakala, Masaaki Sato for helping them continue their art.

Here’s what they wrote:

“Making this video was such an amazing experience. Out of the isolation, challenges, and pain we’ve all been living through the last year or so, moments like this have become even more special, make us feel humbled and so grateful to get to make our art and work with inspiring creators like Eric D. Howell, Bo Hakala, Masaaki Sato and everyone who helped make it possible! Cheers to all you fans out there for coming with us on this ride. It’s far from over! Stream and watch ‘Better Without You’ from ‘The Bitter Truth’ (link in bio).”

You can check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Evanescence – Instagram

You can watch the video below.