Randy Bachman Admits He Once Dismissed Steven Tyler From The Guess Who’s Dressing Room

Randy Bachman recently joined an interview with Classic Rock and shared some interesting stories from his long career. The musician revealed that he once dismissed Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler from their dressing room.

Throughout his remarkable music career spanning over six decades now, Randy Bachman became a legendary figure in the music world through his singing, songwriting, and guitarist talents. He formed two notable bands, the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Besides his successful works with two groups, the singer also pursued a solo career.

He released his debut solo studio album, ‘Axe,’ in 1970 following his departure from the Guess Who. Then, he continued producing many other solo albums in later years. Bachman also teamed up with various artists such as Ringo Starr, Pete Townshend, and Kalan Porter. He naturally interacted with numerous musicians and bands throughout his long and productive career.

During a new conversation, Randy Bachman shared his favorite stories from his music career. When talking about Aerosmith, the guitarist explained that he first met the band when they opened for them in their early times. Before a gig, he was in the dressing room with his bandmates from the Guess Who. Then, Steven Tyler got past their security and tried to get in. Bachman dismissed Tyler from the dressing room by shouting at him.

Bachman speaking on dismissing Steven Tyler from their dressing room:

“BTO were due to play a show in Boston, and the local promoter asked if we’d mind having a young band called Aerosmith open for us. We checked them out, and they had a song on the radio called ‘Dream On’ at the time. It seemed quite good, very Zeppelin-esque, so we agreed.

Here we were in our dressing room before that gig when in walked this clown. He was dressed in silk pyjamas, had huge shades on, and was trying to high-five everyone. How he got past our security, I do not know, but we told him to get straight out.

‘Hey man, I’m…’ he tried to explain. ‘Get Out!’ I shouted, ‘No, you don’t understand…’ he tried again. ‘Out!’ I repeated, pushing him into the corridor. That was the first time I met Steven Tyler. Now, whenever I see him, the first thing he says to me is: ‘Out!'”

It looks like Randy Bachman’s first encounter with Aerosmith did not go well, but they made peace in the following years. Bachman’s shouting at Steven Tyler even became a standing joke between them.