Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr Recalls Dan Reynolds Made Him Question His ‘Sexuality’

Royal Blood members Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher recently joined a chat with Allison Hagendorf, where Kerr shared how Dan Reynolds sparked thoughts about his ‘sexuality.’

Recalling one of their funny stories together, Thatcher talked about the time they were drunk in Canada. He then persuaded Mike to go to the front of the crowd to watch Imagine Dragons perform. The vocalist stepped in and continued:

“Hang on a minute. Let’s just quickly… quite drunk. Mushrooms, MDMA, and like f*cking loads of it, like tripping balls. And down the Imagine Dragons, they were mid-set.”

The Surreal Moment At An Imagine Dragons Concert

Kerr went on to reveal the rest of the story, explaining:

“So Ben dragged me through like fighting through the crowd, ‘Get out of the way,’ to the barrier and now I’m like on the barrier. My mind is melting. Dan Reynolds is like full force. I’m just like, Who is this man?’ I’m questioning a lot, like ‘Who am I?’ [Laughs]”

Royal Blood’s Latest Album ‘Back To The Water Below’

In other news, Royal Blood released their fourth studio album, ‘Back to the Water Below,’ on September 1, 2023. Speaking of whether this album has a distinct feel compared to its predecessors in a conversation with NME, Kerr noted:

“There are nods to stuff we did on the first album, but for me, making records feels like you’re trying to hit the bullseye of what you want to make. They all miss, but this one feels the closest. It’s the closest we’ve got to who we are as a band, the music we like, and the songs we want to play live.”

Thatcher also reflected on the record, saying:

“This record felt more enjoyable than the previous two, just because we got to let loose a little bit with it. With the first album, we had no idea how it was going to go down, and it’s the same kind of thing this time around. But, we have the confidence behind us now [because] we’ve made three other albums.”

The band is currently on the road for their extensive two-leg North American Fall 2023 tour in support of their latest album. The second leg launched on November 9 in Los Angeles and will finish on November 27 in San Diego.

You can watch the rest of the chat below.