Tommy Lee’s Son Brandon Admits The Pamela Anderson Doc Was Painful

Brandon Lee, the son of Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, recently shared his thoughts on the Pamela Anderson documentary, ‘Pamela, A Love Story.’ In an interview with People, Lee admitted that watching his mother’s traumatic life on screen was painful.

Before the release of the Netflix documentary, Anderson’s life with Tommy Lee was shared as fiction in the Hulu series, ‘Pam & Tommy,’ which she didn’t know until her two sons mentioned it to her. Lee stated that the Netflix documentary wasn’t made in response to the series. He said:

“We were actually in the process of making this way before that came out. But that was tough for her. It’s tough to watch your life and things that were traumatic in your own life being played out on TV for everyone to watch and laugh about. That’s so painful. But when you’re famous, your life becomes public domain. A judge basically deemed her ‘public property.'”

He then revealed that the two were able to get through everything together:

“But we got through it, just like we kind of get through everything. She’s so tough and positive, and always looking toward the next good things, which is such a great aspect about her.”

Lee also explained that his mother protected his and his brother’s privacy, and shared his gratitude:

“She was a great protector and a great mom. She was at all of my sports games. She had it written into contracts that she had to be able to take me to practices, games, participate in my life, and then go back to work. She made a lot of sacrifices I think, to keep me and my brother out of the public eye. I think both of my parents did a pretty good job!”

‘Pamela, A Love Story’ was released on January 31 and is now nominated for two Emmys. The project was announced back in March 2022 by Anderson herself with the description:

“My life. A thousand imperfections. A million misperceptions. Wicked, wild and lost. Nothing to live up to. I can only surprise you — Not a victim, but a survivor & alive to tell the real story.”

According to Brandon Lee, the documentary’s goal was to ‘bring to light the human’ that is his mom. He also stated that he didn’t just want Anderson to look her best, but the truth to be told in the documentary.

See the trailer down below.