Queen Icon Brian May Becomes A Movie Star

Queen’s iconic guitarist Brian May will make his acting debut as the ‘Godfather Of Rock’ in an upcoming episode of ‘Andy And The Band.’

After resting for a while and recovering from the coronavirus disease, Brian May has decided to continue working. He recently announced a new solo project in an Instagram post and asked them to contribute with their artwork. He then stated he would re-release his 1988’s ‘Another World’ album in Spring.

Apart from being a talented musician, it seems Brian May is also planning to be a successful movie star. According to the recent news, May is set to make his acting debut in the upcoming episode of the Children’s BBC show ‘Andy And The Band.’ In the episode, the guitarist will appear as the ‘Godfather Of Rock.’

During a conversation with the PA news agency, Brian May stated that the episode’s story is great and provides a lovely look into kids’ world, how they lose their confidence and what can be done about that. He then stated that getting bullied can severely traumatize kids, and grown-ups need to be educated for that.

As reported by Classic Rock, Brian May said about ‘Andy And The Band’ the following:

“It was very moving because it’s a great story. It’s such a lovely look into what happens to kids and how they lose their confidence and what can be done.”

He then continued:

“It must give so many kids confidence who have lost their belief because they’re regarded as something different, a bit odd, and they get bullied. These things are very serious, I have grandchildren now and I know, all over again, what happens in schools, and it’s so easy for a kid to be marginalized.

You don’t realize how much damage that can do to kids. So it’s grown-ups that need to be educated, not just the kids. All the grown-ups that I’ve shown it to have been very moved. Some of them have cried, which is great.”

Fans will be able to watch the iconic guitarist displaying his acting talents on January 27, when the episode airs on CBBC. Moreover, the episode will be available on BBC iPlayer from January 24, and a single titled ‘Planet Rock’ which is recorded by Andy and The Odd Socks and Brian May will be released on February 18.