Brian May Introduces His New Solo Project And Invites Fans To Contribute

With a recent Instagram post, Queen guitarist Brian May announced that he is working on a new solo album. In the caption of his post, May also asked his fans to contribute to the project with their artwork.

Following Freddie Mercury’s heartbreaking death in 1991, Brian May decided to channel his grief into making music and finished his solo album ‘Back To The Light.’ After almost three decades, in June 2021, the guitarist announced that he would reissue the album as part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series.’ He then released the reissued version on August 6, 2021.

On December 17, 2021, the guitarist revealed exclusive photos of Eddie Van Halen and Phil Chen in one of his Instagram posts. Those pictures were from the back cover of May’s ‘Star Fleet’ album, and he hinted that he would release a reissue of ‘Star Fleet’ after the re-release of his second studio album, ‘Another World.’

Released in 1998, ‘Another World’ was Brian May’s second studio album, which he dedicated to his mother. In his recent Instagram post, May excited his fans by announcing he will re-release the album in Spring. He then stated that he thought it would be a good idea to use his fans’ artwork for the album.

Brian May then said he discussed with the artist Sarah Rugg about making a community art book which is to accompany the re-release of ‘Another World.’ Following that, the guitarist revealed the conditions of participation and said the fans have time until February 6 to submit their artwork.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“What’s this? This Spring will, at last, see the re-release of my second solo album —. ‘Another World.’ Following the great reception for Sarah Rugg’s ‘Bri-Art’ book, which accompanied ‘Back To The Light,’ we thought it would be a great idea to follow up with a new book featuring art from the whole IG community.

In fact, Ms. Rugg sent me a demo for such a project last Summer. So I’ve asked her to edit the new collection. We already have lots of great works in mind from what is out there from you guys, but if you’d like to be a part of this new book… Here’s how!

Attention, artists! This is an invitation to contribute your best ‘Bri-Artworks’ for a community art book to accompany the re-release of ‘Another World’! We want to celebrate Brian’s upcoming album with your beautiful art, and to feature artists that have been inspired by Brian from all over the world.

You can send us old creations you’ve made in the past – or create an entirely new piece! All media are welcome – but please send us no more than 5 pictures… so choose wisely! (Please note: It doesn’t need to be ‘Another World’ specific, but it is encouraged!) You have until Sunday, February 6, to submit your art!

Here’s what you need to know:

– E-mail your submissions to:
– Please provide your name + IG handle.
– Please send us no more than 5 pieces (there are no guarantees – but we want to feature as many artists as possible!)
– Make sure the quality/resolution is high – ideally 300 dpi. (For traditional artists – a scan is preferred, but a clear and steady photo with good lighting works too!)
– Send us a link to a Dropbox/Drive with your artwork if the files are too large to e-mail (just make sure the link is viewable!)
– Submissions are open until Sunday, February 6.”

Below, you can check out the photo Brian May included in his post.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram