Tom Morello Receives Backlash After Talking On Musical Freedom And Worker’s Rights

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello talked about musical freedom and workers’ rights in an article in New York Times. However, this caused him to receive a huge backlash from the fans.

Apart from his talented musicianship and successful tenure with the band Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello is also known for his socialist political views and activism. Morello, like his RATM band members, holds left-leaning political views and identifies as a socialist.

He also supports social and political movements such as Landless Workers’ Movement. On the other hand, Morello is a member of the labor union named the Industrial Workers Of The World. The musician played at several benefit concerts and performed in support of many Occupy movements as well.

Recently, the guitarist and activist Tom Morello spoke to New York Times about musical freedom and workers’ rights. However, the newsletter was subscriber-only, which means that one needs to pay to read it. Upon seeing that, some Twitter users aimed at Morello and questioned how the workers could read a subscriber-only article. As it seems, most of them saw this as an act contrary to Morello’s views.

Michael Tracey, a journalist, shared this incident with his followers on Twitter. Below the tweet, Tracey’s followers shared their opinions on the issue. One of them stated that Morello is now ‘working for the machine he used to rage against.’ Another one asked how the workers would be able to read the article when it’s hidden behind a paywall.

Michael Tracey’s tweet read:

Radical bad boy Tom Morello has a subscriber-only newsletter at the New York Times.”

One of his followers responded:

“It’s not the article. It’s that’s he’s now working for the machine he used to rage against. The NY Times is neoliberal, imperialist central. Tom Morello should be ashamed of himself for this BS.”

Another one questioned:

“How can workers even read the article when it is hidden behind a ‘subscription-only’ paywall?”

Upon seeing those comments, Tom Morello posted a tweet as a response. In the tweet, he stated he would be happy to share the article on Twitter as well. The musician then highlighted that he has given ‘free’ interviews before and ironically encouraged his fans to download his music illegally until he posts the article.

“How? I’m happy to repost the article right here 10 seconds after it hits the wire. Problem solved. Meanwhile, refer to 3 decades of (free) interviews on this topic and my 21 albums that I encourage you to download illegally to hold the workers over til then.”

You can check out the tweets below.