Edgar Winter Reflects On David Lee Roth’s Early Solo Career

Multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter talked about the earlier times in his music career in a conversation with Paltrocast he joined recently. Winter mentioned David Lee Roth‘s earlier solo career in the conversation.

David Lee Roth is known for solo works and his tenure with Van Halen. Roth released his first solo debut EP named ‘Crazy From the Heat’ in 1985 while still a band member. The album gained success by selling more than one million in the United States.

This album included the cover of songs reflecting Roth’s distinctive style from Van Halen. Beach Boys’ hit track ‘California Girls’ reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. The other covers were Coconut Groove’s ‘The Lovin’ Spoonful’ and The Edgar Winter Group’s ‘Easy Street.’ In 1995, Roth returned with an adult lounge act, performing mainly in Las Vegas casinos, with a band that featured Edgar Winter.

During a recent conversation, the interviewer mentioned that David Lee Roth credited some covers to a band entitled DLR Vegas Band, including Winter’s friend Dan Hartman’s song ‘Living In America.’ Upon Darren Paltrowitz’s question, Winter declared that he was not a member of this band.

As he stated, the musician recognized Roth had covered the song in the past. According to Winter, Roth was interested in the works they created, such as ‘Easy Street.’ Winter was not a member of the DLR Vegas Band; however, he was almost sure that Roth followed his band’s works.

Edgar Winter explained whether he was a part of the DLR Vegas Band:

“No. I wasn’t even aware of that. Now that you mentioned it, I am vaguely aware of him having done ‘Living In America.’ But I think Dave probably was familiar with the thing that I had done like ‘Easy Street,’ and that probably by connection caused him to listen to the things that Dan went on to do. I am sure he was familiar with Rick’s music. He kind of got to follow our camp. I am sure he knew John’s music as well. But, no, I wasn’t connected with that in any way.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.