Phil Collins’ Son Nic Recalls His Father’s Emotional State After The Final Genesis Show

Phil Collins’s son and Genesis drummer Nic Collins opened up about what his father and the other band members felt about their last show as a part of the tour during his recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Collins also shared the details about the band’s backstage after their final performance.

Genesis began The Last Domino Tour on September 20, 2021, in Birmingham, and it ended on March 26, 2022, in London. The band had to reschedule the concerts three times because of coronavirus restrictions and precautions. The tour’s lineup consisted of the power trio, keyboardist Tony Banks, drummer and singer Phil Collins, and guitarist Mike Rutherford, who reunited after 13 years, along with Daryl Stuermer and Nic Collins.

In addition, Nic Collins took over his father’s duty as a drummer because of Collins’ health issues that prevented him from playing drums. However, he continued to perform as a singer, and Nic’s performance received positive reviews from the Genesis members and their longtime dedicated fans. In his interview, Collins shared his and the rest of the band’s feelings about their final show.

Apparently, the moment his father, Phil Collins, talked to the audience for the first time during their last show was quite emotional for all of them. However, every band member, including Collins, turned the night into a celebration of appreciation rather than being sad about having their final performance.

The drummer stated that it was weird because he thought he would feel sad about the conclusion. However, he was happy that they performed a great show. The show became another unforgettable memory, especially after Genesis founding member Peter Gabriel came to watch them. Collins revealed that he, his father, and the rest of the band finally had a chance to spend together with everyone backstage to hang out without thinking about the global pandemic.

Regarding the final show, Collins said:

“The show started off emotionally to me, and when my dad addressed the crowd for the first time, that was emotional, but the rest of the night felt like a celebration of the music rather than being sad. It was like, ‘Let’s celebrate the catalog and the memories these guys have shared together.’ For me, aside from being able to share it with my dad, which is special in itself, in turn, I became a fan of the band. To be part of their last show, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Then, the reporter asked:

“What was the vibe like backstage after everyone walked off and the show was over?”

Collins responded:

“It was weird. I thought I’d be a bit more emotional and sad, but I was happy. It was a great show. It was a great way to end it. Afterward, we got changed and had dinner, and everyone was there. Peter Gabriel came to the last show. He came back. It was just a great vibe. Everybody was hanging out.

We were lucky that it was the end of the tour, so the COVID thing didn’t have to be such a precaution for us. We were finally able to have people backstage and hang out. The entire tour, we weren’t able to do anything like that. At the last show, it was great to see everyone together and hear people sharing memories.”

Furthermore, after Genesis’s last tour, Nic Collins stated that he would be focusing on his new band, Better Strangers. Therefore it can be said that the young musician wants to prove his talent once again without not being under the safe roof of a legendary group with his father.