Michael Schenker Opens Up About Why He Didn’t Want To Work With Ozzy Osbourne


UFO guitarist Michael Schenker recently spoke about all the offers he rejected from iconic names of the rock and the metal world. He stated that he didn’t accept Ozzy Osbourne even though it was hard to resist the temptation.

Michael Schenker is best known for being the guitarist of UFO and also establishing the Michael Schenker Group after being present in the early days of the Scorpions. He is a guitarist with a mission and ideals, such as playing in his unique way and keeping his work original.

This authenticity and individuality were what he talked about in his recent interview with The Metal Voice. He admitted that he rejected working with many iconic names in the industry to spread his original work instead of copying what the established artists and bands did previously.

The interviewer asked why he didn’t accept Ozzy Osbourne’s offer to join him, even for one album. Schenker stated that even though it was tempting and hard to turn it down, he had the same reasons not to work with him as he did when he got offers from Mötörhead, Ian Hunter, and Deep Purple. He didn’t want to copy their previous work to perform at the live shows.

The interviewer asked why Schenker didn’t want to work with Osbourne:

“You started off by saying that it’s a good thing you didn’t join Ozzy Osbourne. Is there a part of you that said, ‘You know what? Maybe one album would have been cool to do with Ozzy.'”

Michael Schenker replied:

“That’s not how it works. First of all, when Ozzy’s offer came up, I almost fell for it. From that moment on, I had to figure out how can I protect myself from being tempted and not end up doing something I shouldn’t be doing or would regret later. So, I came up with this thing like, ‘Michael, why did you leave UFO? Why did you leave the Scorpions?’

For the same reason, you should not join Ozzy Osbourne, Mötörhead, Ian Hunter, Deep Purple, or any of those people who asked. For the same reason, I would have to copy all of the stuff for live shows they had done before. I hate copying. Number one, it would not be Michael Schenker expressing himself, and it just would not make any sense to what my mission is.”

You can watch the full interview below.