Ted Nugent Targets Joe Biden By Calling Him ‘So-Called Commander-In-Chief’


In his recent interview with Real America, Ted Nugent heavily criticized the current president of the USA Joe Biden because of his statements about the Second Amendment by defining him as ‘so-called commander-in-chief.’

As you have already known, Ted Nugent was not only known for being a rock musician but also for his political views. He is a dedicated supporter of the Republican Party and always targets the Democrat presidents by using very harsh and controversial words. In 2014, he called former Democrat President Barack Obama ‘a communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.’

Ted Nugent faced accusations of being racist even though he stated that he didn’t use the word to target Obama’s being an African-American. Later, as a Trump supporter, he started to target the current president Joe Biden after Trump had lost the election. He claimed that coronavirus was fabricated to make Trump lose the election and it was a fraud. Thus, Nugent heavily criticized Joe Biden by saying that ‘he is Satan number one’ and ‘the worst human possible to represent America’

During his recent interview, he targeted the current president once again by calling him ‘so-called commander-in-chief’ after Joe Biden started to work on gun regulations and give statements about the Second Amendment which allows US citizens to carry guns. Ted Nugent highlighted that he won’t obey immoral laws. He also stated that the Democrats are acting against their oaths by abusing the power and he will fight for the rights of Americans to protect their rights.

In Nugent words, he said:

“We were heartbroken before we got angry. Before we got frustrated, we were heartbroken at this dishonesty, abuse of power, violation of oaths in the Democrat Party right up to the so-called commander-in-chief. I guess it was the best way to put up our heartbreak. You see behind me. There are a bunch of challenge coins and packs from militarian and law enforcement such as first responders and firefighters. These are the guy that I shared Camp Fire with. These are the guys I talked to at a local store in Michigan.

When I go to a coffee shop, good people come up to me because they know that I have always been fighting for the self-evident truth. All Americans have the right to keep and bear arms period. So what you articulate there is the pulse of this great nation and we were fighting back. I keep in touch with great North Carolina lieutenant governor Mark Robinson. Believe me, we have enough presenters to step frontline right now. We are gonna take this country back as the hat says. When Rosa Parks was told she couldn’t sit on a certain seat, she said she will not comply with immoral laws. Americans will not comply with immoral laws.”

You can watch the interview below.