The Three Conspiracy Theories About Jimi Hendrix’ Passing

Although he had a relatively short music career, Jimi Hendrix won numerous rock music fans’ hearts with his unique talent, highly influential solos, and experimental approach toward guitar playing. It’s been over five decades since Hendrix departed from this world, but he continues to be an inspiration source for many guitarists, whether newbies or professionals.

With his death, Jimi Hendrix joined the infamous 27 Club, which features artists who died unexpectedly at 27 years old. This coincidence has resulted in conspiracy theories revolving around their passing, and many fans still discuss the cause of death of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and Jim Morrison. As it turns out, there were three theories about why Hendrix died.

A day before his death, Jimi Hendrix spent his time in London with Monika Dannemann, his girlfriend. Dannemann claimed that she prepared a meal for them at her apartment, and they shared a bottle of wine. She then drove the guitarist to a party at music publisher Pete Kameron’s house and picked him up after an hour or so. Before he went to sleep, Jimi chatted with Monika and closed his eyes, never to open them again.

Monika Dannemann called an ambulance after noticing that Hendrix was unresponsive the next morning. Before the police came, Eric Burdon and various roadies came to get rid of the drugs on the scene. On September 18, 1970, the guitarist was pronounced dead. Three days later, Coroner Gavin Thurston ordered a post-mortem examination to reveal Jimi’s cause of death. Later, it turned out that the guitar icon aspirated his own vomit and died of asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates.

Reportedly, Hendrix had taken nine of her prescribed Vesparax sleeping tablets before heading to bed. This was 18 times the recommended dosage. Fans then began speculating about whether what they announced as Hendrix’s cause of death was true, which led to several conspiracy theories.

One of the theories suggests that Black Panthers, a Marxist-Leninist and black power political organization, murdered him because he wasn’t making songs exploring the then-contemporary political issues. Another theory claimed the contrary, that Hendrix was too political, so the CIA killed him. 

“According to his brother Leon, Hendrix was on a list on the same level as Osama Bin Laden later on after 9/11,” biographer Philip Norman revealed. “There were credible reasons for thinking that he might have been murdered by the American government as a threat, at a time of extreme paranoia, when they had these contingency plans for rounding up people they thought were threats and putting them in camps in the early 1970s.”

Norman continued, “He had started to become affiliated with radical black groups like the Black Panthers, which would freak out the government, the CIA, or the FBI because he had such influence over white audiences.”

The third conspiracy theory proposed that Jimi’s manager Mike Jeffrey murdered him as he believed the guitarist was about to fire him and work with a different manager. As Jeffrey was to inherit £1,200,000 from life insurance, and he had kidnapped Hendrix earlier, many believed this theory was credential.

There are many theories out there besides these, but it seems like the dust is never going to settle on this matter, as there is no way his fans will get a clear-cut answer about Hendrix’s death. What’s important is that the world lost a musical genius who cannot be replaced.