Alice Cooper Explains The True Nature Of Johnny Depp

Alice Cooper recently shared his thoughts about his Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johhny Depp. The rocker appeared on Studio 10, where he explained the true nature of the rocker. When asked about the feedback the band gets when they get up on stage, Cooper revealed that most of the fans look at Depp rather than the rest of the band. Reflecting on Depp’s personality, the rocker said:

“90% of the girls are looking at Johnny. Johnny is the sweetest guy on the planet. The guy’s the most notorious of the nicest guys.”

He was asked about people’s loyalty toward Depp, to which he shared the nature of the rocker. He explained:

“Well, I think it’s just because when you meet him, you realize that he’s above the most down-to-earth person there is. He’ll spend an hour talking to somebody he’s never met before, just on a park bench. I mean, that’s him.”

He then revealed the one rumor that had circulated among fans after Depp fell sick:

“We understand that our images are way blown out of proportion. He got sick on this last tour, Budapest of reflux thing, the next thing on the internet was, ‘Johnny Depp dead.’ So that night on stage, I introduced him as a death-defined Johnny Depp.”

The rocker earlier referred to his bandmate as the sweetest and the most harmless human being he had ever met while talking about Depp’s trial with Amber Heard. He also stated that despite his public persona, he is a ‘devout Christian.’

You can see the interview below.