Imagine Dragons Frontman Dan Reynolds Deletes All Of His Tweets, Here’s The Speculations About The Reason


Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds decided to delete all of his posts on his official Twitter page, leaving his fans in the dark, however, many of them have theories about the reason behind Reynolds’ decision to remove all of his tweets since it’s not the first time the frontman is doing this. 

As many of you know, Dan Reynolds is quite an active social media user, especially on his official Twitter page on which he nearly has half-million followers. Reynolds often promotes Imagine Dragons’ upcoming projects, defends the LGBTQ+ community’s rights, and shares special moments with his beautiful family.

Regardless of how often he’s using his official Twitter page, Imagine Dragons’ frontman once deleted all of his tweets in 2020, after receiving backlash due to his expressions during opening up about drug use experiences. Reynolds referred to drug addiction as if it’s a choice rather than a disease.  Despite explaining himself after stating that it was a misunderstanding, Reynolds decided to delete everything that was on his official Twitter account.

While his fans were concerned back when he decided to shut his Twitter account’s history off, Dan Reynolds recently did the same thing once again and deleted all of his posts on his official Twitter page, leaving his fans with curiosity. While some fans are worried about the iconic frontman since he has openly spoken about his mental health issues on his social media accounts, therefore, some think he may be going through some issues.

Despite some fans are worried if he’s okay, there are also some fans who think Dan Reynolds may be disappearing on his official social media accounts in order to announce something big such as a brand new album which makes sense since it’s something that some artists do before releasing an album.

Here is what a fan said:


Here is what another said:

“damn really is all huh. maybe it’s to announce something? clean slate or something? I remember another artist deleted all her insta posts before starting promo on a new album.”

You can click here to see the Twitter page of Dan Reynolds.