Pete Agnew Says Nazareth’s ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Was An Accident

Nazareth’s Pete Agnew recently spoke about their hit song, ‘Hair of the Dog,’ and revealed the story of how it got its name. Initially, they would name it something else but decided on this title to be cheeky.

The two songs ‘Hair of the Dog‘ and ‘Love Hurts’ brought Nazareth to prominence. They were formed in 1968 and released 24 studio albums throughout their career. The band is still active and performing with their lineup consisting of Jimmy Murrison, Carl Sentance, Lee Agnew, and Pete Agnew.

The band released the ‘Hair of the Dog’ album in 1975, becoming a huge hit that helped the band be recognized. The record charted in the top 20 in the US. The song with the same title and the album harboring it was a good career kick for the band. The song’s name is seemingly odd, and the band’s bassist Pete Agnew recently addressed this name and talked about how it came to be.

He stated that the album’s name was not going to be ‘Hair of the Dog’ but was going to be ‘Son of a B*tch.’ However, their record label A&M disagreed with the title. They indicated that the album wouldn’t sell if they used this offensive title, and the band was upset about their comment. Hence, to be cheeky, they called the album and the song ‘Hair of the Dog.’

The story of the album’s name as told by Pete Agnew:

“The whole album, that hit was an accident because what happened when we did ‘Hair of the Dog’ come on, let’s face it; it’s called ‘Son of a B*tch.’ That was the name of the track, and we were calling it that. And then when we went to A&M with the alum title, they went like, ‘Oh man, that won’t sell it. You can’t call it that.’

We thought, ‘What do you mean?’ Because you see where we come from in Britain, ‘Son of a B*tch’ isn’t a word, nobody uses that, it’s not a saying, it means nothing. It’s a thing John Wayne says. As far as we were concerned, we thought we’ll have John Wayne says it must be holy. We couldn’t call the album that, so we said ‘Okay,’ so we’re going to call it ‘Hair of the Dog’ just to be cheeky.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.