Chris Evans Picks Led Zeppelin Over Alice In Chains

People’s 2022 sexiest man alive, Chris Evans, played this or that in a hilarious video posted by the magazine. After revealing his picks and passing some questions, the interviewer asked the handsome actor to choose between Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains. After struggling a bit, Evans sided with the Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin is one of the founding fathers of hard rock and heavy metal, praised for its unique guitar-driven sound combining elements from various genres. On the other hand, Alice In Chains came to the forefront with the late Layne Staley’s distinctive vocals and the harmony between him and Jerry Cantrell. As it turns out, the Avengers actor is an avid fan of both.

When asked to pick between Zeppelin and Alice In Chains, Chris Evans had a really hard time, “Zep- Oh, I didn’t wait till the other one! Oh, that’s so tough. That’s so tough. It’s like picking between your children. God. That’s so tough. I have to go with Led Zeppelin, though. Damn, that’s a tough one, the hardest one so far.”

Although Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains belong to different subgenres of rock, it was hard for Chris Evans to choose between them as he loves both. Among the other questions he was asked, the actor argued this was the toughest to decide. In the end, Led Zeppelin came out as the winner in this comparison.