Perry Farrell On Jane’s Addiction Reaching A New Echelon Despite Dave Navarro’s Absence

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the band’s dynamic with their new guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer. In his post, Farrell revealed that the bond within the band has never been stronger, even in the absence of longtime guitarist Dave Navarro.

Fans of Jane’s Addiction were thrilled to see the band take the stage during the Spirits On Fire Tour, but many were disappointed by the absence of Dave Navarro, who has been struggling with the long-term effects of COVID-19. In response, the band announced that Josh Klinghoffer would be stepping in for Navarro during the upcoming shows.

In his Instagram post, Farrell shared some photos from one of their recent performances without Navarro and talked about his enthusiasm for the band’s new dynamic with Klinghoffer. He described a magical moment during a performance when the band, dancers, and even the crowd began to speed up the tempo of a song.

According to Farrell, this spontaneous moment was a testament to the strength of the bond within the band, as well as their connection with the audience. Perry hinted that this newfound harmony might have been initiated by drummer Stephen Perkins, but the entire band, including Josh Klinghoffer, played a part in creating that unforgettable night.

It’s important to note that Perry’s words are not meant to diminish Navarro’s contributions to the band. Rather, they serve to highlight the positive impact that Josh has had on Jane’s Addiction. The band has always been known for their incredible live performances, and their ability to connect with fans, and it seems that their bond with Klinghoffer has only added to that legacy.

The caption of Farrell’s Instagram post read:

“The band reached a new echelon last night. I’ll start by saying our bond has never been stronger. A moment came when we did something that you cannot do when you are tied to tracks. We began to speed up. Usually, musicians don’t like it when a song starts to speed up timing, but this was magic. Stephen started it, I think? Can’t tell for sure because the band, dancers, and even the crowd started to rush. The night was alive!”

While fans of Jane’s Addiction continue to wish Dave Navarro a speedy recovery, it’s clear that Josh Klinghoffer has been warmly embraced by the band and its followers. As Perry Farrell’s recent Instagram post suggests, the bond between the members of Jane’s Addiction has never been stronger, and their captivating live performances are a testament to the power of that connection.

Photo Credit: Perry Farrell – Instagram