Paul Stanley Says He’s A Big Fan Of Adele

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet to share his thoughts on famous pop singer Adele and her new song from the upcoming album. Stanley reflected his appreciation and admiration for Adele by inviting everyone to listen to the song.

As you may recall, Adele released her third studio album entitled ’25’ on November 20, 2015. The album is based on Adele’s longing for her old self and the nostalgia she has felt over time. It received very positive reviews from fans and music critics all around the world.

Finally, after five years of a break, Adele announced her fourth studio album entitled ’30’ by releasing its lead single named ‘Easy on Me’ on October 15, 2021. The song has over fifty million views on Youtube for now, and her fans are happy about the singer’s return. As it turns out, Paul Stanley is also an Adele fan since he also shared his happiness for the new single on his social media account.

Paul Stanley praised Adele’s talent as a singer and songwriter, saying that her tone and lyrics are ‘so deep.’ In addition, she defined Adele as the best vocalist in the UK, since iconic pop singer Dusty Springfield, and advised his fans to check out her life and works. It seems that both Stanley and the other Adele fans are looking forward to listening to the new album.

Stanley’s tweet read:

“Big fan of Adele’s voice. Her tone, control, and delivery of a lyric are so deep. Best out of the UK since Dusty Springfield (check her out!).”

You can check out the tweet and song below.