Paul Stanley Says ‘I Have No Plans To Die’ To A Question About His Funeral

In an interview with BBC Radio, KISS frontman Paul Stanley opened up about his ideas on death and revealed that he has a long bucket list when he was asked about the plans for his funeral. Stanley also shared his secret for a healthier and longer life to prevent early death.

As you might know, Paul Stanley has had different kinds of health problems over the years. He was born with grade III microtia which causes a genetic deformation in the external ear. Stanley had reconstructive surgery and an ear was created for him from a part of his rib cage when he was 30 years old. He also had to have some other surgeries and long treatments due to his stage performances.

KISS has been known for its shocking and extraordinary stage performances including firebreathing, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and many more. The members wear high heels while they are running with extremely heavy guitars. As a cause of these activities on the stage, Stanley has suffered from injuries on his knees, rotator cuffs, bicep tendon, and hips many times.

Paul previously mentioned that KISS won’t perform live concerts anymore after the farewell tour mainly due to the age factor and multiple health issues of the band members. The iconic frontman is known to be focused on exercising regularly and following a healthy diet both to prepare for the upcoming KISS shows and to acquire a healthy lifestyle.

During the recent interview, Paul Stanley talked about an unusual subject, his death. When the interviewer asked him whether he was planning to have a KISS-themed funeral, Paul stated that he didn’t have any plans for his funeral. He added that he has a long bucket list that is getting longer and longer. Stanley also mentioned that he has no intentions to die any time soon since he has many plans to do according to his bucket list that will keep him going for a long time.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated about ‘death’:

I have no plans to die. That’s not in the cards. My bucket at least keeps getting longer and longer so there’s no chance of that happening.”

You can listen to the interview below.